Sioux Falls Area Pickleball strives to create and promote fun, friendship and fitness through our shared enjoyment of the sport of pickleball.


In 2011, four players used a temporary net and chalked lines on a tennis court at Menlo Park. After the number of players grew to 80 in 2013, the Parks and Rec Department encouraged the group to become an official non-profit organization. The Sioux Falls Pickleball Club was born that same year and now has over 400 paying members. The organization rebranded to Sioux Falls Area Pickleball in August 2019 since we continue to add members from surrounding communities.

The founders of Sioux Falls Area Pickleball first got involved because the sport helped them become more active in their lives. Understanding their physical abilities had changed, they found pickleball satisfied their need to stay active and desire to participate in a competitive sport.

Pickleball has been a lifesaver because it enables players to stay highly active through joining games pretty much any time of day – and any day of the week – and because it invites community and friendship, it is a real opportunity to introduce, or reintroduce, physical activity and social time into your life.

Come play with us!

Get in touch with us if you are ready to give this rapidly growing sport a try. It is surprisingly easy to love, as easy as it is to play!